Radiant star necklace

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RadiantStar Necklace by ELVIE

Discover the allure of the RadiantStar Necklace, a gem in ELVIE’s beloved evil eye collection, seamlessly marrying elegance with symbolic protection.

At the heart of this piece is a captivating 1cm by 1cm round pendant. It features a dazzling starburst, its rays originating from a central crystal. Above, a crescent of crystals crowns the design, flanked by two stars embedded in rich black enamel. This celestial theme is more than decorative; it’s a nod to the protective embrace that defines our evil eye collection.

Every detail of the RadiantStar is a testament to sophistication. The 40cm chain, punctuated by delicate bar features every 2.5cm, adds a touch of elegance and complexity to the necklace. Adjust to your preference with a 5cm extender, ensuring the piece complements every look.

Crafted from premium 925 sterling silver and also offered in a lustrous gold-plated variant, RadiantStar promises both style and longevity.

With RadiantStar, you’re not just choosing a necklace. You’re embracing a piece imbued with protective energy, fashioned for the modern, elegant woman. Each wear is a dance of light and protection, a fusion of the ancient and the contemporary. Are you ready to shine with RadiantStar?


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