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Kochie's Business Builders

Kochie's Business Builders
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Nicolle was recently asked to be featured on Kochie's Business Builders, and talk about the future of ELVIE and where she would like to take her brand. Click to see...

Do You Know About 'Personal Jewelry?'

Do You Know About 'Personal Jewelry?'
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For the past few years, you couldn't read a fashion magazine without seeing styling advice that included, "and top it off with a piece of statement jewelry!" Bib necklaces, mixed-media earrings, cocktail rings, and arm parties were an essential part of the early-2010s outfit, and the variety of statements each made all seemed to be variations of "LOOK! ME! OVER HERE!"

These days, the statement is less a shout and more a purr. Jewelry trends have shifted to be smaller, more subtle, and more permanent, too. Instead of baubles you switch out every day to match your mood and outfit, the most exciting jewelry coming out these days are pieces that you put on once and never take off.

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