Engraving Ideas

Engraving Ideas for Personalised Jewellery
Discover endless inspiration for engraving your perfect piece of personalised jewellery with ELVIE Jewels. Specialising in engraved jewellery and personalised gifts since 2009, we often hear from our customers, "What should I get engraved?"

Whether you're searching for the perfect words to engrave on your own jewellery or looking to craft a heartfelt message for a loved one, we understand the need for a little inspiration. That's why we've created this page filled with custom engraving suggestions to help you find the ideal inscription for beautifully personalised jewellery and thoughtful gifts.

Explore our engraving ideas for friendship, love, inspiration, and more, and let your creativity shine with ELVIE Jewels' expertly crafted pieces.
Friendship jewellery best friends heart necklaces engraved with initial
Engraving Ideas for Friendship

You're my person

Partners in crime

Our powers combined

Remember the time

Engraving Ideas For Love


For all time

Til death do us part

Our own little world

Engraving Ideas for Inspiration

Teach Love Inspire


Enjoy the journey

Not all who wander are lost

Engraving Ideas for



Life is Better With You

You Are My Sunshine

We're Too Old for This Sh*t

You're My Person

Thanks for Being the Sane One


I Want to Be You When I Grow Up

Forever Friend

Where Words Fail Music Speaks

Engraving Ideas for


Be You

Be The Change

Follow Your Heart

One Day Closer


I Believe In You

My Story Isn't Over Yet

Never Surrender!

One Step at a Time

Have Courage

Engraving Ideas for Mum

I Couldn't Do It Without You

My Mum, My Friend

You're my rock

All That I Am I Owe To You

Engraving Ideas for Dad

My Father, My Friend

Our Anchor

You Always Have My Back

I Stole Your Best Jokes

Always Your Little Boy/Girl

Engraving Ideas for Memorial Jewellery

We Were Together. I Forgot the Rest.

Remembered With Love

Forever In My Heart

We'll Always Remember You

Engraving Ideas for


Engravings are the perfect way to show your partner how much you think of them. Take a cue from these engraving ideas, or use them as inspiration when you design any of our personalised jewelry or engraved gifts.

I choose you

Love means forever

This day & every day

Always & Forever

Love You More

You are My Treasure

I Got You

God Gave Me You

Engraving Ideas to


The future is yours

A new door opens

A new chapter begins

She believed she could so she did

Best of Luck!

You Did It!

So Proud of You

Engraving Ideas to Say Thank You

My gratitude

It meant the world

Words are not enough

Kindness moves mountains

Engraving Ideas for Kids


Joy in my heart

Believe in yourself

Always close to you heart

Engraving Ideas in Other Languages


Carpe Diem

Ti Amo

Je T'Adore

Initials & Messages

Initial or letter jewellery is timeless. The first symbol we connect with, our initials hold personal significance. For a unique and thoughtful gift, initial jewellery is a perfect choice. Explore our collection of initial jewellery here.

Popular Personalised Jewellery Pieces
Our most popular pieces include the initial necklace and initial bracelet. Whether it’s a bracelet with your own initials, the initials of a loved one, or the initials of you and your partner, these make meaningful presents for occasions like Valentine's Day or anniversaries.

Meaningful Messages and Quotes
An engraved piece with a sentimental message or a meaningful quote makes a wonderful gift that can be treasured forever. Consider including lyrics from their favourite song or a line from their favourite book or poem.

Friendship Jewellery
For friendship jewellery, you could get two pieces engraved with different parts of a quote. When put together, the quote is complete, symbolising the bond you share.

Personalised jewellery for personalised gifts, engraved jewellery

Symbols & Numbers

From zodiac signs to emojis, symbols can add a unique personal touch to your jewellery, often saying more than words. Whether you choose something cute, romantic, or spiritual, adding a symbol makes your jewellery truly your own.

Our most popular symbols are Heart, Infinity Symbol, Star, Crescent and Cross.

Another popular option is to have two engraved jewellery pieces with the same symbol, one for you and one to give to a close friend or loved one. This creates a meaningful connection through matching jewellery.

Commemorate Special Dates with Numbers

Engraving jewellery with numbers that signify a special date or age is a great way to commemorate an occasion. Our most popular number engravings include dates, Roman numerals, and coordinates.