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Change is in the wind…

It’s the law of the universe to grow, people, plants and even brands.

Sometimes they grow slowly and you don’t even notice, and sometimes it seems like overnight there was a major transformation.

This is where we find ourselves right now, COCO LIBERACE is under going an exciting transformation into ELVIE.

Originally we created COCO LIBERACE from our passion for designer jewellery. The name was inspired by 2 icons who brought accessories into the fashion scene, and together they represented our style and vision.

Coco Chanel for her timeless style and Liberace for his flamboyance, We channeled them together through COCO LIBERACE.

Over the past 8 years we have established ourselves as a designer accessory label, known for our big statement and quality jewellery. 

As fashion changes, so have our designs, our passion for designer jewellery is still strong which is why we are moving towards a more fine and luxury jewellery line.

ELVIE represents a new beginning, a freedom to grow and to change and be who we truly believe we are. Our designs now reflect our strong passion for beautiful quality accessories, all our pieces are still designed by us and made under our strict quality control.

With this change we are inspired to bring you our Monoram Collection.

These pieces are designed by us and engraved on the spot in our Sydney Westfield store, no need to order and wait, you can see the piece being made on site.

Jewellery that can be personalised by you. We had a vision for pieces that could be made with a special word that had meaning, or inspiration.

Words and sayings have different meanings to different people , we wanted our customers to feel inspired by their jewellery, to have a special connection with their jewellery, not only to look beautiful but to have an special place in their heart, a word, a name , a memory, a time, a place.

With love from

Nicolle and John.

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