About Us

We connect people through personalised jewellery

"However important business is, family always comes first" Richard Branson
Our Family

Hi, we're Nicolle & John, we're the "mum & dad" behind ELVIE JEWELS. 

Many people don't realise this, but we're actually a family business. 

We're the people that created this brand, this website, design the pieces, engrave them, pack the orders, go to the post office, wrote this About Us page and everything else! It's hard work, but it's so rewarding. 

When you buy from us, it means our son gets to go to Karate (he's a black belt, can you believe it), and our daughter gets to go to dancing lessons.

Thank you for supporting our family, we really appreciate it. 🙏

Our Mission

Our vision is to connect people through our collection of meaningful and personalised jewellery. 

Our customers can wear something they feel a part of, something that makes them smile, or that reminds them to be brave and kind. 

We design our pieces to be simple and engrave them with your meaningful words.

All the pieces are high quality and affordable and we pride ourselves on getting our orders out quickly!

Our Inspiration

We’ve been around since 2009, but ELVIE in its current form really started in 2016. Before then we were COCO LIBERACE, a fashion jewellery label, well known for our statement jewellery. But people always came to us for our little handmade beaded Saint bracelets, made from natural stones and that you could personalise by adding a charm or Saint medal of your choice. Different stones had different properties, and the Saint medals had their own special meanings.

You see when we left to travel the world many years ago, John’s mum gave him a simple St Christoper medal on a chain. He wore it all the time when we lived overseas, and now that his mother has passed, it's very special to him, he feels a connection to her through it. That was the inspiration behind our Saint bracelets.

Our regular customers would always come in saying “I have a friend going through a difficult time, I need something to say …..” We would always manage to put something together but it was never 100% what the customer wanted to express. So we thought what could we do to really help our customers communicate what they wanted to say, wouldn’t it be great if the customers could just write what they wanted, like you do when you give someone a card, how fantastic would that be…That’s essentially what led to the concept of offering our customers on the spot engraving.  

A Funny Story

The other day we were all in the car and Nicolle was telling us that when she went to the local cafe to grab a coffee, and the owner's young daughter served her. 

I asked Elvie (it's our daughter's name) "When are you going to start working at our shop?" 

My son Xavier pipes in "Elvie don't, it's a scam, you won't get paid."  🤣