Engraved bar necklace
Engravable Bar Necklace
Engraved Necklace Sydney
Engravable bar necklace
Engravable Necklace, engravable on all 4 sides
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Personalised Bar Necklace with Name Engraved
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Bar Necklace with Name Engraved
Bar Necklace
Four sided Gold Engravable Bar Necklace
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Four sided Gold Bar Necklace
Four sided Silver Bar Necklace
Four sided Silver Bar Necklace

Engraved bar necklace

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Indulge in a truly one-of-a-kind piece with our engravable Bar Necklace. With the option to engrave on each of its four sides, you can create a unique necklace that's personalised just for you. Choose from a name, word, date, roman numerals, co-ordinates, or even a meaningful phrase to create a stunning piece that's truly yours.

Our custom bar necklace comes in a range of elegant fonts, including Classic, Modern, and Bold, with the option to add a touch of finesse and delicacy with our Script font.

Crafted in lustrous stainless steel with a gold plating, this necklace is a shining example of the perfect combination of style and quality. With a variety of chain thicknesses and lengths to choose from, you can create a bespoke necklace that suits your style and needs.

Don't miss out on this truly special piece - it's one of our most popular custom-made necklaces and is sure to be a treasured addition to your jewellery collection. Shop now and enjoy the luxury of a personalised necklace that's uniquely you!

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  • 18ct Gold plated stainless steel
  • Bar size: 30mm x 4mm
  • Complimentary engraving on all 4 sides

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