Our Customers' Stories

We love creating personalised jewellery our customers feel connected to. Read through some of our customers' stories, and see why engraved jewellery is so special. Where possible, we've linked the actual piece purchased.

Personalised jewellery, engraved with your words, made with love.

When you say good bye

I wanted to thank you both so much for our wonderful engraved bracelets. Friends and I have ordered a few bracelets from you now.

I recently had to leave Australia in a hurry due to my mum being unwell back in Uk. Realising that this had to be a permanent move, due to Covid, Lydia and I wanted something to remember the lovely time we had together in our flat. We got matching co-ordinate bracelets. We both wear them everyday.

Also our friendship group in Australia have started getting ELVIE leaving bracelets for each member of the group as they leave Aus to head back to the Uk. Each personalised bracelet has their name on the front and then “love your Aussie girls” on the back.

Best wishes, Annabelle 

“real love moves freely in both directions”

The J is for my boyfriend Joe. The quote “real love moves freely in both directions” is the idea that we never have to force love or show affection towards one another, we just want to. It is easy, it is simple, and it is sweet. 

You’re personalised jewellery is beautiful! 

All the best, Tara x

For inspiration

I had never been an adventurous type, unlike my dad.  He travelled the world and was loved by everyone he met.  I was 48 when I found the courage to travel outside of Australia for the first time, and walked the 800km camino di santiago, leaving family and friends in Australia.  Two weeks  before I was due to go, my dad had a massive heart attack. He told me to go anyway, travel, see the world.  Hardest decision I've ever made, but I went.

He survived that heart attack, and every time I was in signal range I would call him and tell him how far I had walked, and where I was, how many times I was lost, and the amazing people I met.  When I came home, after a month of backpacking, he told me that my journey had kept him alive.  Given him a reason to wake up each day.

He's 92 now, and it's 4 years since he had that heart attack.  He has had many more, but still lives at home, looking after himself, but I can see the clock is winding down as it does for all of us.  Last Christmas he gave me $100, and asked me to buy something special for myself.  It wasn't until I found your website that I knew what I wanted to do.

I asked you to engrave the pendant with the words from Peter Pan: 'second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning'.  It will forever remind me of my dad, his boyish joyous spirit, his love of story telling and adventure, and his wish for me to always watch out for a star to follow.

Thank you for giving me something tangible to carry with me for when I cannot be near my dad. It keeps him close.


shop bar necklace
bible verses
God is good all the time

I am very much happy with the personalised bracelet and really loved it! 🥰 

I have given it to my very dear friend who is moving to another country and really wanted to give her something that would remind her of me and very meaningful.

She is a sister by Christ and so the personalised verse that we always remind each other is engraved on the bracelet. I have attached a photo here so you can see how much she loves it!

Again, thank you and I am wanting to purchase another one for me too! 😊

All the best to you both and take care! Louisa 

Remembering loved ones

I would actually like to personally thank you and your amazing business. 

My partner recently passed away tragically and during this difficult time I have a beautiful engraved necklace that he purchased for me just recently for my birthday in February, from ELVIE. I’ll cherish that necklace forever and hold it close to my heart always. 

The quality of your products and simplicity is beautiful. So Thank you for creating such a stunning piece of personalised jewellery that means so so much to me.

My recent orders are for my mum and my partners mum, for Mother’s Day. I thought gifting her something so special and beautiful would be perfect for the coming Mother’s Day, one in which will be difficult for her now.

Thank you again and i will tell everyone about your company and what beautiful quality jewellery you provide. 

Warm Regards,Lauren

Celebrating new beginnings

I love your store, thank you so much for making the most meaningful gifts! 

I think you'd like to hear this beautiful moment your piece created yesterday :)

Yesterday I bought a monogrammed keyring from you for a friend who had just started his own business. I had his company's name engraved on it. 

He had just had the first meeting with a client that day and to celebrate we went to a nice restaurant in the city. We had just planned to exchange "small gifts" for Christmas. 

When he received the the key ring the surprise and wonder on his face to see his own business's name on they key chain was priceless! He was fighting tears for about 10 minutes and the entire dinner he was almost speechless and we just held hands.

He said it was the most meaningful gift he had ever received, and nothing could ever beat it. 
He had been working on the business for over 10 years and to see it's name engraved on something meant the absolute world! - it made it all real for him :))

I know the gift is something he will treasure for the rest of his life!

Thank you so much for creating such special pieces. He'll take it with him on his bag for every client meeting as a lucky charm from now on :)

Best wishes & thank you again,Emily 

Keeping family close

The story behind this pieces is, gratitude to my daughters. How I’m so obsessed with them. Angel is my 1st baby, she’s 12 yo. But unfortunately she’s not with us at the moment, she’s in Indonesia with my mom. We got separated because the border is still closed. And Audrey is my 7 months old baby girl. She’s my best friend! 

Cheers Cintra

When you can't be there

I would just like to say a massive Thank you for your beautiful service! I purchased a personalised Necklace for my mum online as I live in Italy... she absolutely adores it and everything was perfect!

The packaging simply adorable and the perfect Birthday present from her 2 grandchildren 😍 I also loved the Hand written note as well.... almost looked like my writing.

In this time of Covid personalised gifts are certainly heart warming.So thank you again. 

Yours sincerely, Imogen

As a keepsake

I just received my personalised necklace in the mail and I felt compelled to email back. I have never been this impressed with a business for their efficiency, their attention to detail, and all the little things you guys do to support your customers. I bought this piece for my niece’s baptism, and as my partner and I are her godparents, we wanted to get her something special that she can hold onto for a long time to come. From the personalised letter, to the packaging of the necklace, I could tell a lot of thought and effort when into all aspects of my shopping experience. I personally love small and dainty jewellery and I was not disappointed when I opened up the parcel- it was absolutely beautiful, felt like amazing quality, and I’m so grateful to have come across your business. 😊 I will definitely be ordering again from you!

Thank you again for a seamless and wonderful shopping experience, and I wish you both all the best- (be prepared to see my name pop up again soon for another order!)

Kind regards, Teika

Shop name necklace

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