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Infuse your style with an emblematic blend of ancient symbolism and modern elegance with ELVIE’s Evil Eye and Cross Sterling Silver Bracelet. Each piece, meticulously crafted from 925 sterling silver, seamlessly merges the protective allure of the evil eye with the timeless spirituality of the cross.

Presented with a luxurious option of gold plating, and punctuated by glistening CZ stones, this bracelet doesn't just make a fashion statement. It's a resonating echo of a heritage that safeguards against negative energies and offers solace in faith.


Material: Sterling silver
Embellishments: CZ stones
Length: 6.5" with a 1" extension

A piece that transcends time, ELVIE's evil eye and cross bracelet is the ideal handcrafted jewel for the modern individual who appreciates the depth of history and the height of style.

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Our free engraving is more than just a service, it turns a simple piece of jewellery into something meaningful.

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I think it started when we first went online, we got so excited with every sale that we would yell "online sale!" and, and now our kids still do it. 

By choosing us, you are choosing to support a small Australian family business.

We're the people that created this brand, this website, design the pieces, engrave them, pack the orders, and everything else. It's hard work, but it's so rewarding, and we appreciate your support.  

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