Aura Eye protections necklace.

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Elevate your spiritual journey with ELVIE's AuraEye Protection Necklace

Elegance meets spiritual armor in ELVIE's newest gem - the AuraEye Protection Necklace. Drawing inspiration from our cherished Evil Eye collection, this piece is a seamless blend of fashion-forward design and ancient protective symbolism.

Gracefully shaped as an oval pendant, the centerpiece is the mesmerizing eye, crafted intricately with dazzling blue CZ crystals. Encapsulating this captivating gaze, clear crystals sculpt the eye’s form, lending a sparkle that's impossible to miss.

The pendant, at a refined 2mm length, nestles perfectly against your skin, suspended from a delicate chain of 40cm. Need a slight adjustment? The thoughtful 5cm extender ensures the perfect fit. Quality isn't just skin-deep. Made with tarnish-resistant 925 sterling silver, the AuraEye promises longevity and shine. And for those who seek that golden gleam, we've artfully crafted a variant in gold-plated sterling silver.

This necklace isn't merely an accessory. It's a wearable amulet, channeling the protective energies of the evil eye. A conversation starter, it's bound to fetch compliments, whether it's with a casual outfit or an evening ensemble.


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