Star Glow necklace

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StarGlow Necklace by ELVIE

Embrace celestial elegance with ELVIE's StarGlow Necklace, a radiant addition to our cherished evil eye collection. This necklace is more than an accessory; it's a symphony of the cosmos, intricately designed to capture the mystique of the skies and the protective aura of the evil eye.

Center stage, a meticulously crafted round disc pendant spans 2.5cm in diameter. Within its silvery expanse is a Sun-shaped cut-out, paying homage to the serene lunar phases. Emanating from this cut-out, brilliant sunbursts of petite CZ crystals shimmer, akin to stars glistening in twilight. But the celestial tale doesn't end here. A slender crescent moon, adorned with sparkling CZ crystals, graces the pendant's base, a gentle reminder of the cyclical dance of night and day.

Accompanying this moonlit dance, a dainty star pendant dangles nearby. Its blue CZ crystal core, surrounded by a halo of clear CZ stones, mirrors the beauty of a night sky, creating a double pendant spectacle.

Crafted with the finesse synonymous with ELVIE, the StarGlow boasts 925 sterling silver construction, ensuring both shine and substance. Those with a penchant for golden hues can opt for our gold-plated 18k necklace. With a versatile 40cm chain and a handy 5cm extender, the necklace comfortably adorns your neck, adding a touch of the cosmos to your ensemble.

Dive deep into the world of ELVIE and let StarGlow transport you to starlit nights, where legends intertwine with modern aesthetics. With captivate celestial charm, this necklace promises to be your trusted companion. Ready to shine with the constellations?



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