Cosmo Spin necklace

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CosmoSpin Necklace by ELVIE

Dive into a universe where stellar beauty and protective charms intertwine with ELVIE's CosmoSpin Necklace. Nestled within our esteemed evil eye protection collection, this piece is a constellation of elegant design and mystical allure.

Centred around a large 1.5cm by 1.5cm pendant that graces the neck with celestial elegance, CosmoSpin is not just a necklace but an experience. The pendant, encapsulating the ethereal beauty of the night sky, spins gracefully, revealing a dance of stars and moons set against the deep blue enamel backdrop, each crystal adding a whisper of the cosmos.

Six stars and a crescent moon, embedded with meticulous precision, shimmer with the movement, echoing the dynamic dance of celestial bodies in the silent, protective space. Every spin is a gentle reminder of the universe’s protective embrace, amplified by the renowned powers of the evil eye.

Crafted from enduring 925 sterling silver and available in a golden whisper of the gold-plated alternative, the CosmoSpin is a promise of longevity, echoing the eternal dance of the stars it represents. The 40cm chain, enhanced with a 5cm extender, ensures CosmoSpin graces your neckline with perfect poise.

CosmoSpin isn’t just an accessory; it’s a galaxy of protective charm and stellar elegance, each spin a dance of light and shadow, protection and beauty. In the silent spaces between stars and moons, find the protective whisper of the evil eye, a guardian amidst the celestial beauty.

Adorn yourself with a piece that’s as dynamic, mysterious, and protective as the cosmos. With CosmoSpin, you’re not just wearing a necklace - you’re cloaking yourself in a universe of protection, where stars, moons, and the evil eye converge in a dance as ancient and mystical as time itself. Are you ready to spin the cosmos around your neck?



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