Stone Properties

Rose Quartz 

(Chakra - Heart)

Used for Healing the heart, protecting your heart and attracting all types of love and self love.

Excellent to teach the wearer the true meaning of love, healing heart ache and feeling of self love and loving relationships, great to wear during trauma or time of crisis.


Moonstone crystal (Chakra- 3rd eye and crown chakra.)

Used as a master healer for women, Used for protection for women and assists with childbirth and pregnancy, helps with hormonal balances and enhances female energy.

Wear this to bring out your femine energy, to help balance your emotions and to help with digestive and reproductive systems.


Citrin (Chakra - Solar Plexus)

Used to attract wealth, prosperity and success, Raises self esteem and confidence.

Excellent to help you feel confident in making decisions ,especially business decisions. Will give the wearer the light for the right path to follow and overcome challenges in their way.


Amethyst (Chakra - Third eye)

Used for spiritual protection and purification, Clearing the energy of the wearer and field of negative influences and attachments.

Excellent to create a shield of spiritual light around the body. Use to open your third eye and help your intuition and for manifesting your visions and dreams.


Labradorite (Chakra - Throat)

Used for Healing and to protect your aura and balancing Energy.

Excellent for strengthening your intuition and reducing stress, anxiety or an overactive mind. Wear it when you are feeling emotionally drained, it will elevate your mood and protect your energy.


Turquoise (Chakra - Throat)

Used for protection and peace, A beautiful blue stone used in many cultures for its protection properties. Great for meditation and help with peace of mind.

Excellent to bring peace and emotional balance will help with your creativity. Wear it to bring out your creativity and help with your souls expression.


Lapis Lazuli (Chakra - third eye)

Used for strength, courage and wisdom. A stone to help bring higher awareness and encourages honesty. Ancient Egyptians believes Lapis was a mental healer and soul purifier.

Wear Lapis Lazuli at work or in a job interview or audition to attract a promotion and success.


Tigers eye (Chakra - Sacral)


Used to help with decision making to achieve focus and stability. Great for harmony and balance and overcoming the fear of failure and to release anxiety.

Wear tigers eye when you need will power, or soothing tensions in a relationship, promotes harmony with people. Also used as a evil eye protection amulet.


Onyx (Chakra - Base Chakra)

Used as a protection stone Great for grounding and connecting bringing strength in confusing and difficulty situations.

Wear it to deflect others negative thoughts, like a protective shield, Encourages you to feel safe and protected.


Our Family

Hi, we're Nicolle & John, the "mum & dad" behind ELVIE JEWELS.

Many people don't realise this, but we're actually a family jewellery business.

We're the people that created this brand, this website, design the pieces, engrave them, pack the orders, go to the post office, wrote this About Us page and everything else! It's hard work, but it's so rewarding.

When you buy from us, it means our son gets to go to Karate (he's a black belt, can you believe it), and our daughter gets to go to dancing lessons.

Thank you for supporting our family business and choosing personalised jewellery that connects people and tells unique stories. We really appreciate it. 🙏

Your support helps us continue creating jewellery that makes you smile and reminds you to be brave and kind. From our family to yours, thank you for being a part of ELVIE JEWELS.

We connect people through personalised jewellery

Our Mission

Our vision is to connect people through our collection of meaningful and personalised jewellery. 

Our customers can wear something they feel a part of, something that makes them smile, or that reminds them to be brave and kind. 

We design our pieces to be simple and engrave them with your meaningful words.

All the pieces are high quality and affordable and we pride ourselves on getting our orders out quickly!

Our Inspiration

We've been in the jewellery business since 2009, but ELVIE in its current form truly began in 2016. Before rebranding, we were known as COCO LIBERACE, a fashion jewellery label famous for our statement pieces. However, our handmade beaded Saint bracelets, crafted from natural stones and customisable with charms or Saint medals, always stood out. Each stone had unique properties, and the Saint medals carried special meanings.

The inspiration for our Saint bracelets came from a personal story. When we set off to travel the world, John's mum gave him a simple St. Christopher medal on a chain. He wore it throughout our time overseas, and now that his mother has passed, it holds a deep sentimental value for him, connecting him to her. This connection inspired the creation of our Saint bracelets.

Our loyal customers often came to us seeking meaningful gifts for friends facing challenges. They would say, “I need something to say …” and while we tried our best to create something special, it never fully captured their sentiments. We realised that allowing customers to personalise their jewellery with their own words, much like writing a heartfelt message in a card, would be a game-changer. This idea led us to offer on-the-spot engraving, allowing our customers to create truly personalised and meaningful pieces.