Women's fashion accessories

Women's fashion accessories

You've probably heard the expression, "It's all in the details"—a maxim never so true as in fashion.  Women’s accessories are the cherry on top of any great outfit, and can be the piece that steals the show. Whether you want a central piece or a supporting player, the right accessories can completely change the vibe of an outfit, whether it is a stunning necklace or a cinch waist belt

Take a little black dress as your starting canvass. You can add Audrey Hepburn sunglasses for a chic Breakfast at Tiffany’s feel, or perhaps add a geometric silk scarf for a 1960s mod look. Dramatic long earrings will instantly add glamour and drama, while aviator sunglasses can give a rockstar edge.

Accessories are the punctuation of the fashion world; they let you change the tone of what you want to say with your look. And with trends shifting towards minimalism and understated dressing, accessories are more essential than ever in polishing, perfecting and personalizing a look.

Whether selecting a bag or shoe that will make a statement or exacting the perfect jewelry design to achieve a vibe that's both elegant and effortless, there is an art to accessorising.

1. Accessories can be accessorised, too! One is the loneliest number. Let your handbag socialise with a smaller micro style or a whimsical charm for added intrigue.

bang charms

2. Scarves are not just for the neck. Tie one on your bag, wrist or in your hair for an unexpected flourish.

bag scarves

3. Carry a clutch for day. Disregard any preconceived notions about when to carry which kind of bag. A clutch is ultra-chic for day and still plenty practical, while a ladylike box bag or top-handle makes for a modern alternative to your standard evening minaudière.

womens clutch

4. Use accessories to bring a last-season look into the now. Still loving normcore? Pair an of-the-moment futuristic shoe with a casual sweatshirt and jeans to keep the trend feeling fresh and relevant.

womens accessories

5. Up the ante on black and white looks with one bold color. Energize a monochrome outfit with a jolt of color.


6. Mix your metals. If you're not letting your rose gold mingle with your yellow gold and silver, you're seriously limiting the potential of your jewelry.

mixed metal jewellery

7. Invest in a feel-good finisher. You should always own at least one eccentric or frivolous extra that makes you feel amazing whenever you wear it.

womens accessoires

8. Let the sunnies shine. Sunglasses are not just for shading rays—they add that extra It factor.

edgy sunglasses

9. Minimalist accessories can make a statement in their subtlety. A simple ankle-strap sandal or slimline choker might be the smartest option—especially if the clothing has a lot going on already.

ankle-strap sandal

10. Experiment with unexpected color combos. Cognac and silver? Cobalt and burgundy? Crimson and pastels? Don't be afraid to take a spin on the color wheel.


By Sarah Lindig