How to wear jewellery?

Nowadays, wearing jewellery “sets”, where your necklace, earrings and bracelet are all matching, isn’t really in. There are still occasions were this look works, like special occasion jewellery for formal events, like if attending a wedding and especially if you’re the bride. But there are some rules that you should follow.

One way to wear a matching set is to go for costume jewellery that is in a classic style, say a classic gold jewellery look. A classic gold chain link necklace looks great with a matching bracelet. Again, say for bridal costume jewellery, if you go for a classic diamond or pearl earrings, they would look great with a matching bracelet or ring.

When you keep the costume jewellery pieces simple and classic, it will make the whole “look” look more expensive.

However a lot of fashion jewellery designs have a lot of details and colour, when you match these types of pieces we think it can look too much. So for a more fashionable look, we recommend styling your outfit with accessories that work together but are not “matchy matchy”.

Look at your whole outfit and pick accessories that will give your look that “put together” styling.

Say your going out for dinner with friends and you’re planning to wear a black top with some sexy jeans. You can glam up the look with a gold necklace, and then we’d suggest a ring to complete the look. We’d go with a gold and black ring, to tie in the gold necklace and the black top. Say with the same look you want to add a pop of colour with a turquoise clutch. This is a great opportunity to tie in the colour with the jewellery. So keep the gold necklace but go for a gold and turquoise ring, and try to get a clutch with gold hardware, this will tie the whole look together.