Should your bag match your shoes?

Traditionally a well dressed woman would always matched her shoes with her handbag, and although this rule hasn’t totally been thrown out the window, it has gotten a lot more complex for the modern woman.

When this rule was around accessories were only available in limited colours. Shoes and handbags were mostly black or tan. Jewellery was either a pearl strand or gold necklace.
Nowadays, you’ll find shoes and clutches in almost any colour, different textures, and a mix of both. And we’ve never had such a range of fashion costume jewellery available to us.

So how do you make the old matching rule work for todays looks?

We think colour is a great way to tie things back into your look, but always limit it to 2 pieces. So you can match your clutch with your jewellery but don’t match your clutch, jewellery and shoes. That's too "matchy matchy"

So say your wearing a little black dress for drinks, but you want to lift the dress with some colour. You can team it up with a great turquoise statement necklace and pair that with a great turquoise clutch. Keep the shoes black or nude.

If you want to finish the look with earrings and a ring, keep them simple and pair them back with the metal used in the necklace. So if the necklace is turquoise with gold metal, go with some simple gold ball stud earrings and a gold ring. Always, try to match the metals across all your accessories, that is jewellery, shoes, clutch and belt.

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