How to wear a statement necklace

The Statement Necklace has turned out to be a very important and popular Fashion Accessory for the past couple of years, and they are not going away any time soon. Statement Necklaces have been all over the runway, and although some women have a hard time styling them, the way they can make or reinvent an outfit has kept them an in demand item.
If you are attracted to the boldness of Statement Necklaces, but you are unsure of how to wear them, there are really only a couple things that you need to keep in mind when styling them. Here are some tips to wearing Statement Necklaces without having to add to your wardrobe.
There are several different types of Statement Necklaces, but all of them are big, bold and make a statement. Ultimately, the best statement necklace is the one you can wear confidently. There's no point getting one that you're not comfortable wearing because nothing looks worse than lack of confidence.

Another thing you should consider are proportions. A lot of the times we see models wearing these gorgeous necklaces and wow it looks amazing, and because its a necklace that you just hang around your neck, you think it'll look the same on you. This is not always the case.

Most models are tall and rail thin, which does make a difference when the length of the Statement Necklace is a factor. Longer necklaces on petite women can actually shorten your frame more than it already is, and shorter necklaces on women with very long torsos are not always as flattering either. If you've got a bigger than average neck, use an extender to lengthen necklaces, just making the necklace sit 1-2 inches lower will give the illusion of a longer slender neck. So, take the time to try on the pieces and determine what length and style is in proportion to your frame.

Statement Necklaces are meant to be the focal point of your outfit, so keep everything else you have on simple. That does not mean that you can just toss it on with unstructured outfits. Instead, opt for solid, well tailored pieces whose strengths are in the styling rather than in the embellishments or prints.
If you’re wearing an outfit with a strong print or any print really, it can be difficult to wear a Statement Necklace with it, but its still possible. What you need to look for is a neck piece with no details on it at all, go for something like a flat solid neck piece, maybe in a metallic look. You need something that will break the pattern and create a contrast, a Statement Necklace with beading or crystals or any other details can clash with the print.
Most women have a few favorite clothing necklines that they prefer to wear-- even if they do not already know it-- because the neckline of the top shows off their neckline well. There are a couple necklines that work better with Statement Necklaces, than others, and that is because they do not interfere or crowd the necklaces and allow them to drape well on your chest. Those necklines that are best for pairing with Statement Necklaces are boat necks, v-necks, scoop necks and strapless or spaghetti strap styles. A general rule is don't get a necklace that sits right on the neckline, either have the necklace on skin, or if wearing a high neck line, get a longer necklace that will sit on the garment.
One thing most women do, and that they should avoid, when wearing Statement Necklaces, is trying to make everything else about their outfit a statement as well. This goes for hair, and makeup, which can be over styled and overdone. Opt for sleek, straight looks over intricate updos or sloppily styled hair. A sleek ponytail or bun always looks chic and stylish and works perfectly with a Statement Necklace.
Your necklace should be the only piece of jewellery that you are wearing that is making a statement, so keep it that way. Avoid wearing too much other pieces of jewellery and avoid anything that is big and bold in itself, especially any other jewellery on your head like jewellery or hair ornamentation.

Generally, I alway suggest to keep earrings to studs. I'd go for simple ball studs in the same metallic used in the necklace. If the necklace has a lot of crystals, then you can go for a simple crystal stud in the same colour. 

The only other piece of jewellery I would wear is a ring. For a daytime look, keep the ring in a simple shape and in a colour that works with necklace. Again its alway easy to just pick up on the metallic element of the necklace. The necklace may have beading, crystals, enamel, wood, etc elements, but most jewellery will always have a metallic in it some wear, either gold, silver, rose gold or gunmetal. So you can pick up on this metallic and use it in the ring. The ring can still be on the chunky side, but keep the shape simple, don't go for a ring with a lot of details on in the shape of flower, etc. 

For an evening look you can probably do more with the ring, especially if you're wearing black, which a lot of us do for night time. So a simple little black dress with a statement neck piece can go with a ring that has a little more bling or detailing. 

And tie in other elements, say you're wearing a black dress with a solid gold metallic necklace. Ask yourself, what other accessories will I be wearing. Say you have a gorgeous little black crystal clutch, look for a gold ring with black crystals. This is a great way to tie everything together but not make it look matchy matchy.