Take me to Paris

C'est Parti (Let's Go)

With lockdowns and the weather, we need to get out of here, where else better to go than Paris in the Spring time. So join us on our socials for a bit of French inspo, and get something engraved for the occasion, below are some of our French engraving ideas...

Au revoir 🇫🇷

Cute French words

Toi et moi - You and me
Toujours - always
Avec moi - with me
Bonjour mon amour - Hello my love
Mon amour - My love
Mon cherie - My darling
Joie de Vivre - Joy of living
Je te veux - I want you
Je t'aime - I love you
Avec amour - With love
C'est la vie - It's life


I Love

name necklace
Take me to Paris


name bracelet

"Paris is always a good idea"


Oh, la la!

This means "Oh, dear!"

We just love this one!