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People have a basic need to belong and connect with each other. We evolved being interdependent on each other and nature, our survival depended on it. Our common purpose was to serve the greater good of the tribe and strengthen our belonging to it.

Today we still crave this sense of belonging, to be part of something in our life, whether it’s family, work, friends, church or society.

Despite it being so easy to stay in contact with people, we still feel disconnected from ourselves, each other and nature, the Universe.

Use this bracelet as a reminder that we are all connected. Like each crystal is connected and has its place on the bracelet, we are all connected and all have our part to play in this Universe.

Materials: Stainless Steel, black Cubic Zirconia, cotton cord.
Bracelet Size: Adjustable. 

What makes us special?

We make it meaningful

Our free engraving is more than just a service, it turns a simple piece of jewellery into something meaningful.

We make it beautiful

There's something special about our gift boxes, we don't know if it's because they're pink, round, or have a giant bow, but they turn a simple unboxing into a memorable moment.

We make it fast

We get our orders out in 24 hours, yes with the engraving!!! So you will receive your order in a matter of days, and did we say that shipping within Australia is FREE??

We're a family business

Whenever our phone pings, our kids yell "online sale!"

I think it started when we first went online, we got so excited with every sale that we would yell "online sale!" and, and now our kids still do it. 

By choosing us, you are choosing to support a small Australian family business.

We're the people that created this brand, this website, design the pieces, engrave them, pack the orders, and everything else. It's hard work, but it's so rewarding, and we appreciate your support.  

Read more about us and our business on our About Us page.

About Us