How to layer necklaces.

How to layer necklaces.

I hear that chokers are so 2017…. and that this season layered necklaces are making a come back, but did they ever leave???

One thing every fashionista needs is a signature necklace, something that represents your personal style and has a special connection for you. But sometimes it just doesn’t quite cut it for all your looks. Thats when you layer.

You wear your signature necklace day in day out, but then when you’re going out and you want to glam it up and feel extra special… what do you do?? Just add a couple more necklaces.

The trick is to keep the chains a similar thickness and stick to the one tone.

Thin chains allow you to mix and match lengths and styles to create your own unique look.  Generally a fine chain won’t work with an over sized link, it will just get lost. The styles can get mixed up, but keep the thickness the same.

Same goes with the tone, generally you want to keep the colour of the chains the same. Don’t mix a gold chain with a silver one, etc.

You can add a different colour pendant to break it up, say you wear a rose gold coin necklace, you can add a small silver pendant on the same necklace for a bit of contrast. This can also help tie in your other jewellery, say you have a silver ring or watch.

You want to start with a choker or something that sits on your collar bone. Usually 14” is a good length for most girls. Then add something around 16” and a third around 18”-20” and voila…  you have achieved the layered look.

Keep the pendants small and dainty, try adding an extra pendant on one of the necklaces for some added detail. And it's nice if the pendants have a secret meaning for you.

Three necklaces is just too much for you??? Then just do two. I would keep the lengths a bit closer, say one at 16” and the second at 18”. And you can go slightly heavier on the chains, and slightly bigger pendants will work as well.

Imagine this with an open black blazer, or over a white high neckline dress, or just dress up a plain singlet and jeans, this look is so versatile!!! They'll quickly become your staple, and you won’t leave the house without them.